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The Executive


Our Unique Approach to Financial Planning

The Brandt Advisory Group approaches retirement planning from a CPA's perspective,  taxes are an essential element when considering how finances impact the future.


We help business owners:

So much is often left on the table because business owners do not know how insurance can work as an asset. We educate clients every day on how to best position their companies.


We realign finances:

Financial repositioning before or after a marriage;  the need for long term care; Optimizing 401(k) or 403 (b) plans; Estate Planning or Trust Management. We provide insights on how to deal with these difficult issues while you navigate through new chapters in life.


We specialize in Social Security maximization:

Younger clients should look ahead financially and those approaching retirement must maximize their benefits. With the ever changing tides of legislation, we must get the most from Social Security with savvy retirement solutions.




The Hot Topic


"Starting in 2036, Social Security trustees project that the system will be able to pay only 77% of promised benefits."





This statistic is frightening and finding the answers to critical questions regarding your investments and retirement options is crucial in financial planning.


Knowing your options can change how you will live and the freedoms you will enjoy during your precious years in retirement.Get the answers you need.


Make informed decisions.


Join us to learn more about retirement options and how to better create plans.


Click the Workshop page for details.

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