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Raymond H Brandt, CPA

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145 Rogers Commerce Boulevard

Boiling Springs, SC 29316




Learn. Know. Live.

We are here to support our community.

Brandt Insurance & Consulting specializes in educating clients on important topics about retirement by offering objective, up-to-date guidance.  Our group has more than 45 years of CPA experience as a baseline for preparing clients for retirement. With this unique approach, we address our client's financial concerns by helping them preserve assets, grow retirement funds, and increase income while avoiding unnecessary estate and income taxation issues. In addition, we offer guidance for Social Security, health, life insurance and IRA investments, all of which are critical issues in today's economy. Let us help you to make informed fiancial decisions to protect your life's work.





Estate planning and Guaranteed Income Plans.


Life embraces many chapters, and retirement planning is essential. Learn about guaranteed income plans to secure your retirement needs against inflation. Let us show you how to have guaranteed yearly TAXFREE income for LIFE...

Protect Your Business.


Tax implications are critical key elements in financial decisions. Know how to protect your business from unnecessary taxes when building a retirement plan.

Life Changes.


Health, marriage, divorce, tuition and other changes affect financial decisions. Our team works to protect you against life altering events.

IRAs. Insurance. Retirement.


We encourage younger clients to look ahead financially. Attend one of our free workshops to learn how you can prepare now.

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